NEC NP26LP – Compatible Projector Lamp With Housing


NEC NP26LP – Compatible Projector Lamp With Housing Lamp Type/Wattage: NSHA350W


A Projector Lamp To Suit The Below Projectors :

NEC NP-PA521U, NP-PA521UJL, NP-PA571WJL, NP-PA621UJL, NP-PA622UJL, NP-PA671WJL, NP-PA721XJL, PA522U, PA571W, PA571W-13ZL, PA621X, PA621X-13ZL, PA622U, PA622X, PA672W, PA672W-13ZL, PA722X, PA722X-13ZL
ImagePro 6752WU, ImagePro 6752WUA, ImagePro 6757W, ImagePro 6757W-L, ImagePro 6757WA, ImagePro 6762, ImagePro 6762-L, ImagePro 6762A, ImagePro 6762WU, ImagePro 6762WUA, ImagePro 6767W, ImagePro 6767WA, ImagePro 6772,ImagePro 6772-L, ImagePro 6772A

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