Epson ELPLP49 Original Projector Lamp Replacement With Housing




Epson ELPLP49 Original Projector Lamp Replacement With Housing

Lamp Part Number: ELPLP49 / V13H010L49

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A Projector Lamp To Suit The Below Projectors :

Epson EH-TW2800; EH-TW2900; EH-TW3000; EH-TW3200; EH-TW3500; EH-TW3600; EH-TW3800; EH-TW4000; EH-TW4400; EH-TW4500;
EH-TW5000; EH-TW5500; EH-TW5800; EMP-TW3800; EMP-TW5000; EMP-TW5500;
POWERLITE HOME CINEMA 8100; POWERLITE HOME CINEMA 8350; POWERLITE HOME CINEMA 8500UB;POWERLITE HOME CINEMA 8700UB; POWERLITE PRO CINEMA 9100; POWERLITE PRO CINEMA 9350; POWERLITE PRO CINEMA 9500UB; POWERLITE PRO CINEMA 9700UB; ELPHC6500w, ELPHC8100w, ELPHC8500w, Ensemble HD 6100, Ensemble HD 6500, Ensemble HD 8100, Ensemble HD 8500, H291A, H292A, H336A, H337A, H373B, HC8345, Home Cinema 8345, Home Cinema 8350 UB, Home Cinema 8500 UB, Home Cinema 8700 UB, PowerLite 6500, PowerLite 6500UB, PowerLite 8100, Powerlite HC6100, PowerLite Home Cinema 6100, PowerLite Home Cinema 6500UB, PowerLite Home Cinema 8100, Powerlite Home Cinema 8350, PowerLite Home Cinema 8700, PowerLite Pro Cinema 7100, PowerLite Pro Cinema 7500UB, PowerLite Pro Cinema 9100, PowerLite Pro Cinema 9350, PowerLite Pro Cinema 9350 UB, PowerLite Pro Cinema 9500UB, PowerLite Pro Cinema 9700UB

Epson ELPLP49 Projector Lamp replacement front right side

An Original Lamp is a bare projector bulb – made by Philips, Osram, Ushio, Iwasaki, Phoenix, Panasonic or Matsushita. These companies manufacture and have the patents for all the main projector brands in the marketplace. The Lamps are manufactured by one of these patented names, adhering to the strict quality control practices as are found in your projector when you first made purchase.

When you are purchasing an Original Projector Lamp with Housing from Projector Lamp Replacements, you are getting an Original Bare Lamp within a generic housing. The housing is the mechanical part that the bare lamp resides within. By copying the housing, copyright has not been breached. You are now left with the performance of the Original Bare Lamp without the associated costs. In short, if you reused your old housing with an Original Bare Lamp you are directly copying what the Original Manufacturer intended. Most clients opt for an Original Bare Lamp with Housing as it does not impact lamp life. Its also more convenient for most to slide the old lamp assembly out and replace with the new.

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ELPLP49 Projector Lamp Replacement 240Days warranty

Projector Lamp Warranties


All Original Lamps come with a 240 days warranty.
All Compatible Lamps come with a 120 days warranty

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